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Advanced Evolvement Healing

Mystique Gallery Welcomes New Exclusive Healing Services in Singapore , however some of these will be more suitable for those who have reached certain levels of... Spiritual evolvement to experience it. Since some of these will require our own intuitive standards in order to feel or see its entire journey during the healing. Of course we not rejecting any request if one feels that he or she would benefit from it..

     1) Light Language Authentic Healing - unlike using vocals or placement method around your body, this unique & ancient healing of Atlantis had rarely been available in till now. The sensitive or intuitive ones shall see its true power and its purpose for such healing. Most people could also feel the healing process as well.

东南亚首度真正的古法光之语言疗法来到了新加坡! 这是最罕见的亚特兰提撕神秘疗法也是最纯的light language,不用在颂唱或用类似骨牌摆设法! 因为这是最古老的神秘疗法了,只有第六感强的人或许能感受得到。不过我不会推掉所有的要求。。

     2) This is a very rare and Spiritually advanced healing that I'm guided to perform however this is not for everyone and due to its nature of INCREASING OVERALL VIBRATION of the recipient, there might be some discomfort felt in the process. I shall be working with your guides and Higher Self to determine if you really ready for such journey, otherwise perhaps another time!



     3) Inspired by the TV hit Drama , " Games of Thrones" We finally brought out this exclusive healing that we had been preparing even before the series aired. We are definitely grateful that such TV series also bring the awareness of our Benevolent Creatures that were once a Friend of Human to regain formal Man - Dragon friendship once again! God had created all beings in both ying and yang and good or bad nature so, we should believe that "Dragon" are just like humans can be just as friendly.


Walking with the Dragon - We present you our Healing with our Beloved Dragons of the East & the West! This will be a very beautiful experience with our additional preparation that shall make the entire session Glow like a Rainbow hue surrounding the recipient!


你有看过"Games of Thrones"这电视剧吗?
你是否有感受过给巨龙疗愈吗? 别担心,这些是很友善的龙群。他们是我的老朋友而且还是东和西式不同种类的龙。配合着我们的疗法,这将会是有如被彩虹包围着并且可以感受到龙群所能观察到事主所需要的能量来处理!


     4) Fairytale

In Year 2012, I had some of the most amazing experiences working with children. That time I was quite nervous in the beginning since in the East, we seldom had parents requesting for Healing services for their kids. It was in Munich Germany that inspired me to create this healing for kids so that it will help them to grow. This definitely is beneficial for those who had problems in schools or just that they need regular balancing of their body.


Many parents did not know that a lot of kids were being bullied in schools and had suffered emotional and mental disturbance that can really affect their performance.

This unique healing service allow us to call forth the mystical Unicorn, gnomes, fairies of different elements and some times we shall also call forth the Ocean guardians of Atlantis Dolphins to join in this Fairytale healing. Yes, they are real and I had seen kids that could tell me what being that I had summon during the session!


你相信童话故事里的独脚兽,小精灵和其他的童话主角是真的存在吗? 假如你是相信,那你或你的孩子肯定会喜欢这项疗愈! 记得,你越相信他们的存在那么他们一定会更想让你发现!

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