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Numerology Reading




Christina Wan is no stranger to those who have visited her for numerology reading and with her unique readings she had helped many people since 1997.





Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles to be overcome, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others.


The roots of numerology can be traced back some 10,000 years or more to Egypt and Babylonia. Pythagoras, who developed many of the basic theorems that form the foundation of modern mathematics (including the right triangle theorem taught in math classes today) is credited with formally organizing the field about 2600 years ago in ancient Greece. At the turn of the twentieth century, an American woman, L. Dow Balliet, and several of her contemporaries published a few books and started the modern phase of numerology. The field grew slowly through several decades. Now, in the last half of the century, increased research and publishing along with a marked resurgence of interest in numerology is taking place.





1 year reading

S$150 Per hour and extra charges if it exceeds the time.


Full life reading

S$308 Per 60-90mins and extra charges if it exceeds the time.


Change of name S$128


Improve of luck & happiness by enhancing an numeric/alpha for a car or a house. S$148 (Promotion)

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