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Hair restoration



Absolutely Non invasive , Painless way to experience the highest Technology way for Hair Restoration session. Singapore's Exclusive Centre for Healing Body Mind & Soul



We are eager to assist whatever concerns our client may be having and highly understanding of the trauma it can cause to a woman or to a man as they face up to loss of hair, the scalp is highly complex and the skin is the largest living organ.

There are many reasons why hair falls out or stops growing, usually the hair follicle has become damaged or even died and so, it is not a simple one type treatment. Each client will be fully assessed and treated in accordance to their own needs, and usually some progress is seen within a month to six weeks depending upon circumstances, for example where the hair follicles have actually died to bring them back to life is not such an easy task, to say someone who has suffered from cancer and lost hair but the basic components for life to restart are still there and just need to encourage faster and facilitate re-growth.


Distant treatment is available Worldwide


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