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Are you not happy of your small eyes or some of the features on your face seems too flat that you would like to have some transformation? Do you need beautification in phone camera App activated during taking Selfie? 


If the following things does bothers you it means that you have found the right place for such transformation.


Is Plastic Surgery shameful for you? 

Are they too invasive & painful for you?

Did your budget stop you from such transformation?

Are you afraid of side effects from those chemicals used?



If your Answers to the above has either one YES or more then it means that you have found the right place for Beauty Transformation at one of the World's Holistic place that is Since 1997 the Pioneer in some of the World's Most advanced Therapy for the Body Mind & Soul.  







We are not a Plastic Surgery firm but through two decades in the business of Wellness that focus on Advance Spiritual Technology & is one of the most Advanced Holistic Centre for the Body , Mind & Soul Worldwide. As such We have even introduced our Elite Services for Holistic Cancer support, Spiritual Gynaecology AKA Women's Health, Men's Health & also latest Elite offering for FACEWORK.

Yes, We have raise the bar higher for the standard & quality even higher as since prior July 2020, We could only provide Distant treatment & We could assure you that these are the harvest for Our Spiritual Technology during the two decades of Spiritual Evolvement.

Frequently asked questions:

1) Is there any Surgery at all? 

Answer:  No there will not be any physical surgery hence there's no pain or invasive procedures used. It will be 100% Spiritual procedures relying on advanced technology that we had been working with for decades & with this, we are able to customer needs.

2) Will there be any risk compared to Plastic Surgery?

Answer:  There won't be damaged to the skin during whole procedure or even swollen face that needs to be bandaged. No failure in surgery which could cause unsightly effect aftermath.

3) How many treatments are needed for the transformation?

Answer: Most people could achieve the effect with just two or three treatments but it definitely depends what is required of the customer.

4)  So what FACEWORK could do where Plastic  Surgery couldn't?

Answer:  We could perform our FACEWORK services either onsite within our shop or via Distantly & of course both by Appointments only.





1) Eye widening - This treatment helps to create that more attractive more elongated beautiful bigger eyes that you always dream of.

2) Aegyo Sal - Many people have mistaken Aegyo Sal as Eye bag but it is actually the closest layer of skin towards the eye & the Eye bag is below the region of Aegyo Sal.  This treatment helps to remove that Aegyo Sal at lower eyelid but we could help you to construct ( Not makeup techniques ) that as well

3) Eye Bag removal -  it definitely makes the person looked tired & could also lower self esteem. This treatment removes of that so shall allow you to look more alert & confidence.

4) Eyebrow Lifting - Also known as Forehead Rejuvenation, this lifting of sagging brow or those who wish to enhance their brow could get an effect of being more alert & also confidence as well.

5) Dark Eye Circle - Late nights or inadequate sleep can not only influence the Body & Mind but also creates unwanted darker tones beneath the lower eye lid. This treatment will lighten & diminished dark rings to reveal health eyes.

6) Nose Enhancement - Its like Rhinoplasty without the pain, invasive procedure but in a Holistic Spiritual way that we are exclusive for. Choose the type of nose that you always dream of & let us do the rest. ( Conditions may apply )

7) Lip Augmentation - Always wishing for that fuller luscious lips from the Movie Stars but don't want the needle or pain? This treatment will be right for you.

8) Face Reconstruction - This treatment is non invasive & non surgical involved that we could work Spiritually to reshape your face, whether to have bigger more shapely slimmer face or to have a longer face shape as you desire. ( Conditions may apply )

9) Skin Radiance - Are heading for any Special event that need to be impressed visually with first impression? This treatment will leave your face glowing & peers admiring.

10)  Skin Health Improvement -  Do you wish for smaller pores, less lines, better skin or to combat dry skin? This treatment will be the best choice.

11) Skin Discoloration - Freckles , Liver spots or Old age spots & Facial scars could be a problem any time but fret not! since this could be erased off . ( Treatments needed will be based on age & severity )

12) Facial Eczema - Are you suffering from Eczema of the face? This treatment will help clear up Eczema & return your skin to healthy state.

Distant treatment is available Worldwide

Please contact us for an Appointment Booking



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