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Welcome to our Alternative Therapy that is tailored not only for benign, premalignant, malignant & also of other growths. This is also an Advanced & non-invasive support which could support the Cancer Animals in their own recovery.

Photo shared by Pet Owner (Mast Cell Tumour Cancer). Therapy was done via Distance healing & no medications given nor physical surgery was carried out. Originally the size of a softball & after 8 days, it was quarter of egg size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Are you a Veterinarian? No, we are not and we will only support & work with the client so as to awaken their self-healing mechanism. 

  2. If I'm requesting your therapy then should I quit my Vet appointment? No, we do not decide for you on that so it is your free will to make any decision. It is never our opinion that one should stop working with their current Oncology surgeon, in fact, we had clients that chose to work with both whether locally or internationally.

  3. I saw that this is known as a Light Therapy so will there be any surgery at all?  No, there won't be physical surgical or any kind as we had said we are not doctors so there won't be any surgical tools. However do not underestimate this therapy since it sounds so simple, we are well trained to work intensively yet non-invasively but only for the good of your pet's Body, Mind & Soul.

  4. Will there be any Scanning procedures such as CT scan or radioactive device usage? My Pet is Claustrophobic. If No, then how are you able to locate my pet's tumour?   No, we will not be using any Radioactive device for body scanning. Instead, we will be doing an Energetic Vibrational Body Sweeping (no touching) that could scan the entire body for the reading.  We even have a Father who came to inquire about our therapy since it can be hard for non-spiritual individuals to understand how this works. So despite he wasn't the one having Cancer, we run the body sweeping on his body and had discovered his left side of the body having some blockages. It was then that he shared with us about his fatty liver problem and needless to say, he respected our work & entrusted us to work with his family.  We have been in this path for 22 years & we are very serious in what we offer  & do so this is the way we do things.

  5. I am living in the States, can I request for such Therapy for my Health? Yes, we already have clients or patients in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Canada, USA & etc. We find that Distance healing works best since stress plays an important role in the recovery speed so without a long hour of driving or even flying can really benefit in the overall self-healing process.

  6. How much is the Therapy and what is the length of treatment for that? Please click Here for making an enquiry. 

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