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Since 1997 We are the Pioneer in some of the Most advanced Therapy for the Body Mind & Soul.

We've been doing Distance Services Internationals for all types of Services & even our Latest Elite Holistic Cancer Support or even Gynaecology, we are serving international Clients from France, USA, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong & etc

Established 22 years, with Devotion & Hard work, after 17 years we are excited to bring you our Exclusive Advanced Therapies such as for Cancer, Gynaecology, Infertility for both Man & Woman.

Walking into the humble sacred healing space of “Mystique Gallery” is like visiting an old friend. Since 1997 it has been the vision of the Singapore born Founder Christina Wan, to create a haven where one can experience sacred healing for the body mind and soul, besides sharing with others the beautiful gifts of what our Mother earth has given us. 

We believe that Spiritual healing should be affordable and that is why we strive to provide exclusively some of the advance  & effective help in Singapore.

Lastest News in 2020

Since May 2020, we had been hired for healing Covid-19 Positive Dementia & Diabetic patient in the Walsall United Kingdom. We had achieved great outstanding results. We are the Very first Holistic Centre in the World that had supported many Internationally in their recovery & this included Home stayed Covid-19 positive self quarantined In Paris France. They had received full recovery with our support as well.

The following was sent by one of the survivor spouses..... This really meant so much for what we can Contribute or Help anyone lost in this Pandemic moment.

Trishula Bearer of Mystique Gallery Singapore saved my 80-year-old husband Geoff and myself from COVID 19. Geoff has Mixed Dementia & Diabetes. He had been sent to the hospital tested positive of COVID 19. Due to the Pandemics, no visitor is allowed in the hospital. Trishula detected the virus in me through my full body photo. He told me I needed 7 days healing but Geoff needed longer time due to his health complication.
Trishula started the healing immediately on both of us. He also put repellent on our pendants to protect us from further infection.

During his healing process, I felt sudden tiredness during the day. A few days later that feeling had slowly disappeared. After 7 days Trishula informed me of the completion of healing of COVID 19 on Geoff & me. I sent my updated photo and received his confirmation of clearance of the virus.

Geoff’s COVID 19 had also confirmed by the hospital. Unfortunately, Geoff still needed to stay in the hospital because he stopped eating & drinking. Trishula informed me that Geoff was confused with the hospital environment. He hoped that he could be released from the hospital soon the better. Trishula didn’t stop looking after him & continued to heal on his Dementia & Diabetes. I updated Trishula daily on his condition.

16 days after admission, the hospital informed me that Geoff was at his End of Life & ceased all medication to him. Trishula was shocked to learn this news & he worked extremely hard to keep him fighting to stay alive before he could return to the care home to be nursed by me. Geoff had continued to struggle for his life for another week before finally discharged.

Trishula’s healing kept Geoff alive, also benefited his alertness and his blood sugar is at an acceptable level. After returning to the care home for 7 days, with my intensive nursing, Geoff is now out of the End of Life category. He continues to recover, although this is going to be a long journey.

I don’t know how to reciprocate Trishula’s kindness especially saving Geoff from the edge of death. My sincere thanks & gratitude to Trishula Bearer.


















Body Mind & Soul



Have you been feeling very low and down lately?


We might know why!


Blockages in your Chakras & Subtle Bodies will decrease your Manifestation power of achieving Positive things and thoughts in your life.


Visit us now if you wish a Transformation in your Physical & Spiritual Life.





Mystique Gallery
 114 Lavender Street#02-51
CT Hub 2, Singapore 338728
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Christina : 91016716
Trishula Bearer : 88696357

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